The Panama Canal

February 11, 2020
Panama Vibes

The Panama Canal connects navigation between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, through the isthmus. Since it was inaugurated in 1914, the work has managed to shorten the maritime communication in time, distance and costs, boosting the commercial and economic global exchange.

The benefits of the canal are also present in the tourist area, this being the main destination of the entire city. Visitors cannot resist the temptation to discover the canal, hence witnessing the opening and operation of the locks is a highly sought-after show. The Gatun, Agua Clara and Miraflores Locks are the ones that currently operate, with Miraflores being the most promoted until it becomes one of the most visited points. From these places you can see how ships embark on their journey through the canal or you can also be part of it on board a cruise ship.

The Miraflores Visitor Center (Miraflores Visitor Center) has one of the best views, with restaurants, shops and showrooms to know details of the Panamanian land, as well as historical elements that show how the Panama Canal was built.

Near the Panama Canal, the Colon Free Zone is erected, another of the country’s attractions due to the commercial facilities it provides. Also, because it has colorful beaches and tourist routes of recognized importance such as the railroad, which retains the attractions of being known as the first means of transport built to improve communication between cities.

The Panama Canal is one of the recognized works of engineering in modern times, one of the architectural wonders of the new world whose impact on world trade patterns is decisive.

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