Panama City’s attractions

February 11, 2020
Panama Vibes

Panama is famous for its channel. This magnificent work classifies in its own right among the wonders of engineering in modern times. The impact of the canal and its locks goes beyond the economic, since it has become a tourist phenomenon that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

From strategic points visitors can observe the operations of the channel. Be eyewitnesses of how the sluice gates open and close so that ships can start or complete their journey through the isthmus.

However, Panama City is much more; because it treasures unique attractions that place it among the most interesting cities on the planet.

When visiting Panama City, you cannot escape the sensation of attending a show of cultures and architectures that suggest the communion of three cities in one: Old Panama, which preserves the vestiges of the first European settlement on the Pacific coast in América (in 1519), Colonial Panama, the area where you can walk through the characteristic and charming streets of the Old Town, and Modern Panama, full of skyscrapers, in constant movement and transformation, which has become one of the most important business centers in the new world.

Among the main attractions of the cosmopolitan city of Central America, of course, the Panama Canal stands out, the old city with the Old Town of Panama, Balboa Avenue, the Bridge of the Americas, the Obelisk and busts of the monumental complex The Vaults, the bio museum, the Gamboa Cable Car and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Panama.

Panama is the “Heart of the Universe” due to that fabulous isthmus that divides the continent, due to the richness of its surroundings and due to the constant growth of its capital city, turned into a tourist destination of importance with the uniqueness of showing a perfect mix of trends between the novelty and the traditional

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