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Because we are a fun and knowledgeable tour operator.



We employ only the best, brightest and most energetic tour guides in the city. Enjoy amazing tours with passionate guides.



Learn to discover Panama in a unique way. Experience what others only dream about. Real life experiences and excursions on land of great value.


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Private guided tour, our local tour guides are authorized according to Panama legislation, they offer a complete description of a city or territory: history, art, culture, uses, customs, cigars and rum.



Our private guides are flexible and can change the itinerary according to their special interest; If necessary, their knowledge allows them to offer insight into certain places or themes. Join us for a private visit and see the difference for yourself.


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Our effort lies in making your visit to Panama more than just a vacation, making every step of this authentic and revealing adventure. Our team has earned a good reputation for the services we provide. Now our clients have the possibility to experience a personalized trip through Panama. We can also make personalized agendas that fit your needs, whether they are independent travelers, couples or groups. We have comfortable cars of different sizes with air conditioning. All our vehicles are certified by the State Insurance Company, to guarantee comfort and efficiency.

Panama City Tour

Panama City Tour

Combine a Panama City tour around the most prominent places in the city with a visit to the Miraflores locks on this guided tour.

San Blas Islands Day Tour

The San Blas island chain is made up of hundreds of small palm fringed islands. This is a pristine habitat that is inhabited by the indigenous Kuna/Guna Indians that should be included in any visit to Panama.

The Embera: A Historical legacy of Panama’s Indians Civilization

The Embera community offers an unique experience surrounded by picturesque landscape as well soaking into their amazing culture